Sunday, August 5

Firefox 3: Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso, the next generation of Firefox is coming along with new alpha release. Gran Paradiso Alpha 7 is available for developers and testers to download. Interesting highlights of the new browser are:

- Private web browsing mode
- save web page as PDF file
- No need to restart browser after installing add-ons
- Full page zoom
- Offline web applications
- and, of course safe web browsing with Malware detections

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Friday, August 3

Blog Reengineering

Right now, I'm in process of redesigning and upgrading my blog.

Tuesday, July 31

Firefox: Security Update

Just updated my Firefox to version It's important updates to keep you safe on the Web.

To check for updates, go to Help | Check for Updates... menu. Follow the instructions to download the updates, then Firefox will restart and restores your sessions.

Safe browsing!

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Monday, July 30

AdSense in Blogger's Post

If you're using new Blogger Layout, you're probably won't have much problem adding AdSense code using Page Element. You can either use AdSense or HTML/JavaScript Page Element, and in seconds, your AdSense will be displayed in your blog.

However, that's not the case if you try to put
AdSense code right into blog's post. The ad won't display. You will only see an invisible ad in your post!

OK. To make it work, what you've to do is to replace <, > and " characters:

  • Replace < with &lt;
  • Replace > with &gt;
  • Replace " with &quot;
Keep in mind that generally, modifying your AdSense code is against AdSense program policies. But in this case the changes are necessary. If you browse through your blog page using View Source, you may not find your AdSense code. That's why the ad didn't display. Hopefully, will do something about this.

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Friday, July 27

Bloggers: A Series of Unfortunate Events

Recently, a blogger, Raja Petra Kamaruiddin was called in for interrogation regarding articles posted in his blog, Malaysia Today. He was released yesterday, after he was questioned for 8 hours.

Two week ago, another blogger, Nathaniel Tan was remanded for 4 days also regarding his blog,

What's next unfortunate events?

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Tuesday, July 24

The Scams of Blogosphere!

Have you heard about "scammer"? You heard here. A guy recently sent me a love mail, informing me that I've won a lottery worth of £500,000! Here is what he said:

"Dear Winner,

This is to inform you that you have won a prize of(£500,000) FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND GREAT BRITAIN POUNDS STERLINGS for the month of July. 2007"

Interesting. He must be a loser.

"Lottery promotion ,which is organized by YAHOO/MSN LOTTERY INC &
WINDOWS LIVE. congratulate you for being one of the persons selected."

No way. Yahoo and Microsoft are part of this? Lottery?

"PAYMENT OF PRIZE AND CLAIM. You are to contact your Claims Agent on or before your date of Claim,Winners Shall be paid in accordance with his/her Settlement Centre.Yahoo/Msn Lottery Prize must be claimed no later than 15 days from date of Draw Notification after the Draw date in which Prize was won.Any prize not claimed within this period will be forfeited."

Unbelievable! He gave me a dateline.

Then, if I reply the email, I'll get another email from a courier service, asking me to pay some kind of fees, so that he can send the check!

Creepy. Faceless creep.

The guy must be out of ideas. Doesn't he has a decent job to do? Maybe he can start blogging or something!

Sunday, July 22

I'll save my legs for IPhone

IPhone has not landed in Malaysia yet, but Malaysians have shown great enthusiasm last Friday. Harry Potter diehard fans have waited as early as 5.00 am in front of bookstores and hypermarkets to grab the final novel, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Book 7)!

Cool! That's something you don't see everyday.
Imagine what will happen when IPhone arrives? I bet it'll be bigger! The queue will be longer. Fans probably will camp a day earlier. We know what has happened in US.

Man, I'm excited. I've got to get my fitness ready!

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Thursday, July 19

The Stars of Blogospshere

Here's a peek of 5-stars bloggers and their earnings:

1. Boing Boing. Revenue: Over $1 million a year.

2. I Can Has Cheezburger?
Revenue: Estimated $5,600 a month.

3. ShoeMoney.
Revenue: $12,000 a month.

4. Overheard in New York. Revenue: Estimated $8,100 a month.

5. Revenue: Estimated $5,300 a month.

6. Talking Points Memo. Revenue: Estimated $45,000 a month.

7. Perez Hilton. Revenue: Estimated $111,000 a month.

8. Gothamist. Revenue: Monthly average of $50,000 to $60,000 over the past 12 months.

9. TechCrunch. Revenue: $200,000 a month.

10. Go Fug Yourself. Revenue: Estimated $6,240 a month.

11. Mashable!. Revenue: Estimated $166,000 a month.

12. Problogger. Revenue: Over $100,000 a year.

13. Michelle Malkin and Hot Air. Revenue: N/A.

Not enough? Checkout BusinessWeek: How Top Bloggers Earn Money.

Monday, July 16

Copa America: Rethink Argentina

Argentina's lost in Copa America final against Brazil was beyond words. I can't describe it rationally. It was a nightmare...

The Right Stuff
Something was not right for this game. It could be the day, month, year or whatever, something didn't look right. It wasn't just the lost, it's the way Argentina lost. 3 nil? Was it that easy for Brazil? It's reality that I was unable to grip. Question is, what did we do wrong? What did Mexico or Uruguay do right that we didn't do?

Men in the Middle
Nowadays, football is like a chess game. Success or failure is achieved by winning squares in the middle of a chessboard. That's what happen today, we lost the battle in midfield. We lost control. It was a mismatched. It was like watching a boxing match. That's show how much important the midfield is. My friend, Rio, has an inside
view of the game.

Did someone says, "Final"?
Yes, this was the final of Copa America. The last step to the Title. We've been waiting for Argentina to be crowned as a champions. For the entire tournament, we've shown the world what beautiful game is. We've shown the world how to play attractive and offensive football. Everybody knows it and everybody loves it. We didn't just won the games, like Basile claimed, "...anybody can win a game, but we win games with style". Oh, that's enough about the style, Basile. This is the time to make a statement. This is final -- just win it!

We love what Argentina has done. We love the attractive and offensive style of football. The artistry and beautiful moves are what capture the heart of admirers.
But, no coach wants to do this style anymore. Not in today's football. Brazil has abandoned it years ago. Football has become defensive and result industry.

We can build from this. We have the talent, this is what we are, and this is the future. But to go to the next level, we need better adjustments to counter what we failed today. We need the right pieces and the right balance. It's time to rethink and readjust to face the reality of football...

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Saturday, July 14

Argentina 3:0 Mexico - Highlights

Friday, July 13

Argentina 3:0 Mexico - Analysis

For the first time, the defenders were very comfortable with each other. There were some anxious moments but they managed to contain Mexican's attacks. Credits went to Heinze for the 1st goal to break the deadlock and his great vision able to spot Tevez for the 2nd goal.

Man in the Middle
We don't normally watch a defensive midfielder. But in modern football, a defensive midfielder is as big as today's strikers. You can ask Dunga to confirm. With Mascherano, he is the Riquelme on defensive side. He is the reason why the defense was so comfortable.

Dynamic Trio
Mexican defense were tight and able to restrict spaces for our forwards to operate. But when you have deadball specialist like Riquelme, he knows how to break it open. His
freekick floated beautifully above everyone except Heinze. Using kungfu style (remember Cantona?), Heinze hooked the ball in for the 1st goal. But the night belongs to Tevez. His presence enough to soften Mexican's defense. That opened up space for Messi to score a beautiful goal of the tournament.

Man of The Match: Carlos Tevez

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Thursday, July 12

Latest: Argentina in Copa America Final!

Argentina went to Copa America final in style beating Mexico 3-0.

Goals scored by Gabriel Heinze in 45th minute of the 1st half when Juan Roman
Riquelme made a wonderful freekick freezing the whole Mexico's defense including the goalkeeper. Lionel Messi scored Argentina's 2nd goal which could be the goal of the tournament when he chipped Mexican goalkeeper, Hugo Sanchez after he received the ball from Carlos Tevez. Riquelme made it 3-0 from penalty kick with cheeky chipped to beat Mexican's keeper again. Before that, Tevez were hustling into the penalty box and he was body checked by Marquez and the referee quickly pointed at the penalty spot.

This will be Argentina's second final against Brazil in Copa America.

* Photos from Yahoo Sports

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Wednesday, July 11

Asian Cup - Malaysia 1:5 China: Ratings

A brief rating of Malaysian players:

1. Azizan Kadir (5/10)

He didn't really had a bad game because he's basically all alone in defense. Great saved from a wicked freekick.

2. Fauzie Nan
Small-sized rightback with a big heart. But his pace and determination were not enough to support Shahrulnizam and the defense.

3. Zamani
Very poor
game by the right centerback. He was nowhere near the penalty area when the 1st and 2nd goals were scored. He's the reason why Nanthakumar was brought in.

4. Kaironnisam (5/10)
He's definitely can't cover the whole defense when his teammates were out of position for the whole 1st half. But the 2nd goal was definitely his fault.

5. Rosdi Talib
A veteran leftback who love to attack. But he was out-paced a few times by the Chinese forwards. And he was very unfortunate for the 3rd goal.

6. Shukor Adan (6.5/10)
Hard working defensive midfielder. He's supporting both defensive and attacking roles. Great
vision and long shot attempt that almost embarrassed the Chinese goalkeeper.

7. Fadzli Shaari (4/10)
He's supposed to be the creative playmaker who receive and distribute the ball around, but the central midfielder looked so lost.

8. Hardi Jaafar (6/10)
A left footer playing at left side of the midfield. Hardi is a specialist in set-piece. And he delivered quality freekicks and corners. He's the one who started the build-up that led to Malaysia's goal.

9. Shahrulnizam (4/10)
A disappointing game by Shahrulnizam. He was simply non-existent. And we lost our options to attack from the right side.

10. Hairuddin Omar (7/10)
Didn't get enough support from the midfielders. But
Hairuddin's tireless effort can't be denied. He pressured the defense and tried every opportunity to get open to receive the ball. And his effort was rewarded when he cushioned the pass from Hardi, for Indra Putra to score Malaysia's only goal. He's Man of the Match.

11. Akmal Rizal (5.5/10)
He has recovered from the injury just enough to start, but his fitness hasn't. But he showed a wonderful footwork and created a great opportunity for Hairuddin to score.

12. Eddy Helmi (5.5/10)
Substituted ineffective Shahrulnizam and played along side Shukor Adan. He's fast and fearless player, not intimidated by bigger and faster Chinese players.

13. Nanthakumar
A no nonsense defensive midfielder (ala Sissoko of Liverpool) replaced Fadzli Shaari. He's basically playing 3rd centerback to form 5 players defensive line.

14. Indra Putra Mahyuddin
What a goal by Indra Putra! The best goal ever since...? His presence clearly troubled Chinese's defense. He may start along side Hairuddin next game.

15. Norizan Bakar (6.5/10)
The coach definitely has a backup plan. He tried to balance the midfield with creative and defensive midfielders. But when it didn't work, he quickly reshuffled the line-ups and it worked.

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Tuesday, July 10

Argentina 4:0 Peru - Ratings

1. Pato (5/10)
Very, very quiet night. But he had 1 poor punched and suddenly his clearance led to 4th goal! Amazing!

2. Zanetti
Basically, he's an extra midfielder and brought a lot of attacking excitement.

3. Ayala (5/10)
He had quiet game.

4. G. Milito (4.5/10)

5. Heinze (7/10)
He improved a lot as the game progressed and he's the best defender in the game.

6. Mascherano (8/10)
Scary moment when he had brief injury. I looked away when the TV replayed it. He's the monster in middle and scored his second international goal.

7. Veron (4.5/10)
His game was below standard.

8. Cambiasso (4.5/10)
Again, he played his usual game. Just so-so.

9. Riquelme (8.5/10)
He's the man of the second half. He broke the deadlock, set up Messi's goal and added his second.

10. Messi (8.5/10)
He played very well through out the match and managed to get his 1st goal.

11. D. Milito (4/10)
Technically, he didn't received the ball very well, fouled a lot and gave Peru's defense confidence.

12 Tevez (9/10)
He's the difference. That's it, Man of the Match. Easy.

13. Gago (5/10)
Replaced Veron and good enough ball distributions.

14. Aimar (5/10)
Replaced Cambiasso.

15. Basile (7.5/10)
He had enough of D. Milito for 45 minutes and he took action immediately!

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Monday, July 9

Make the Blog!

Depending on the winds and current, our journey is basically drifting from one place to another...

We visited some cool places, said Hi and exchanged a few comments, then we move on...drifting again. It was good feelings, you know, to know the bloggers, understand their interests and passions. Sometimes we moved to new places, sometimes we tracked back using , a popular social bookmarking. What I'm interested to share with you is Link Rolls. Link Rolls is a cool thing you can "stick" on your blog. It displays places you've been from You can choose which tag to display your Link Rolls, and share them with your readers.

Keep Rolling and make your blog more Tasty!

Sunday, July 8

Argentina 1:0 Paraguay - Highlights

Saturday, July 7

Argentina 1:0 Paraguay - Ratings

1. Pato (6/10)
Solid goalkeeping. Made 2 important saves

2. Ibarra
Moved up a lot and made a lot of crosses. Beaten once but solid performance in defence

3. Burdisso (7/10)
Solid in defence. He's the best defender in the game

4. Diaz (6/10)
Very comfortable in defense, but almost gave away for a shot on goal. Other than that
he's the calm factor.

5. Zanetti (7/10)
Going up a lot and into the middle. Linked up comfortably with Gago and Aimar

6. Gago (6/10)
Holding up firmly in the middle and good ball distributions

7. Lucho (5/10)
Not much impact from Lucho and made a poor cross when receiving pass from Aimar

8. Cambiasso (5/10)
Solid performance but with no impact

9. Aimar (6/10)
He's fun to watch but his performance was not. He made 1 good pass to Lucho, but other than that, he's either tried to do too much end up losing balls or poor passes to his teammates. He also missed a header crossed by Lucho

10. Palacio (6/10)
Very good ball control and played wide a lot. Managed to hit the bar

11. Tevez (8/10)
He shot a lot and got one that hit the post. He was
very active upfront and he's the only one that really threaten Paraguay's defense. That's why he was Man of the Match

12 Mascherano (7/10)
Replaced Lucho and scored his first goal!

13. Messi (7/10)
Replaced Cambiasso and created havocs on Paraguay defense. He changed the game with his freaky acceleration and led to Argentina only goal

14. Ayala (6/10)
Replaced Aimar when Santa Cruz came in and he played sweeper

15. Basile (8/10)
Again, great substitutions. He knows when and who to put in

Paraguay managed to trouble the Argentina defense twice but other than that nothing much to say about the defense because Paraguay didn't show much intention to attack. This allow Ibarra and Zanetti to move up a lot to support the attack. Gago, Cambiasso, Lucho and Aimar were having good time by controlling the midfield with a lot of passes and high tempo plays.

Why did we manage to get only 1 goal when we've created a lot of chances? Could it be due to highly organized Paraguay's defense? Yes, Paraguay's defense could be the reason plus our poor set pieces and wasted crosses due to lacked of heights upfront. But there were 2 major reasons why we didn't do well. 1) We didn't mixed up our tempo. Due to our high tempo, our attacking players didn't performed as a unit. Players were far apart to each other that killed our attacking momentum. Palacio was an example where he was isolated a few times. 2) We didn't try to attack Paraguay's box regularly enough and we lacked bodies inside the box to get grab the opportunities.

It's an entertaining game, no doubt about it.
We had lot of passes, 464 of them but not efficient enough.

Friday, July 6

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Thursday, July 5

Copa America: Argentina 4:2 Colombia - Highlights

It's a thrilling game!

Wednesday, July 4

Argentina v Colombia - Ratings

OK, here's brief ratings:

  1. Abondanzierri - 6/10 - he's having a nightmare and us too
  2. Zanetti - 7/10 - His overlapping run lead to a goal. His defense?
  3. Ayala - 6/10 - he needs to communicate better with his defensive unit
  4. G. Milito - 6/10 - He'll be back for quarter-final but needs to catch-up fast. Cata Diaz is behind him
  5. Heinze - 6/10 - those 2 goals made him responsible too
  6. Mascherano - 10/10 - What else need to say? He was Man of The Match
  7. Veron - 6/10 - his deep playmaking is getting better. He's gelling nicely with Riquelme
  8. Cambiasso - 6/10 - He played better but non-factor
  9. Riquelme - 9/10 - he didn't have the best game, but 2 goals is enough
  10. Messi - 8/10 - he's growing. His tireless efforts earned a penalty and a freekick
  11. Crespo - 7/10 - a missed, a goal and an injury! Now, that's a lot!
  12. D. Milito - 6/10 - missed 2 clear chances but played very hard. His goal was crucial to his confidence. He will be the next target man in place of injured Crespo
  13. Lucho - 6/10 - gave a fresh legs and a lift
  14. Tevez - 7/10 - when he is called he did nothing but good. He gave D. Milito a vital confidence. Remember Mark Nobel against Spurs?
  15. Basile - 8/10 - his timely substitutions worked wonders again. When we need a lift he just inserted Lucho, then Tevez. And then a goal. That's good tactical adjustments. But please focus on defense
What do you think?

Tuesday, July 3

Short Posts - Keep Me Going

Sometimes, it's not easy to write something.

So, in order to move on, keep posting a short one, to keep the blog going. Don't worry, enjoy it. It's the thought that counts. Blog is just like a diary. Just write it down...

Monday, July 2

Copa America: Argentina 4:1 USA Highlights

While drifting over YouTube site, I came across this wonderful highlights between Argentina and USA. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 1

Transformers: Relive Your Childhood!

I've not seen the movie, yet. But, while I was drifting I heard someone said that the audience were clapping their hands when the movie ends! Woah! Not sure who they were clapping their hands for, Decepticons? And, not sure whether they were standing or sitting when they were clapping.

There you go. Can't wait to see it. Hope I'll relive my childhood fantasies!

Saturday, June 30

Flickr the Blog

A picture worth a thousand words...

One way to visualize a bit about ourselves is to use pictures and photos. Flickr has exciting ways to do that. Using its tool, you can create cool badges to be embedded in your blog. Two type of badges you can create, one is HTML and the other one is Flash. Flash is nice because it has cool animation.

You'll go through a little bit some settings, but I leaved everything to default. Then copy the code (it doesn't matter if you don't understand the code) and paste into your blog. Done!

Share it with us and if you have better ways, tell us.

Friday, June 29

Copa America: Argentina Won!

Argentina 4:1 USA.

I watched it this morning (Malaysian time). Overall, it's a good game. Basile experimented the team and it worked nicely:







Scorers: Crespo (2), Aimar and Tevez

Substitutions: Aimar (Cambiasso), Tevez (Messi) and Gago (Veron)

Monetize Blog with AdSense

It's going to be a long journey. The blogosphere is really big adventure. I don't know how long and I don't know how far we would go. To go through this, I monetized our blog using Google's service called AdSense. With Blogger account, it's easy to setup.

Thursday, June 28

Blogger: Template

I chose TicTac Blue template, created by Dan Cederholm. Love the 'blue sea' color and the sidebar is clearly separated.

I've updated my profile, so you'll know a little bit of me.

Wednesday, June 27

Started My Blog!

Phew! Today I've created a blog called Blogdrift. Took me a day to come up with the name. Not sure whether it''ll stick. Hope it will. Not sure it means anything. Maybe you do.

Next, to choose the right template...