Saturday, June 30

Flickr the Blog

A picture worth a thousand words...

One way to visualize a bit about ourselves is to use pictures and photos. Flickr has exciting ways to do that. Using its tool, you can create cool badges to be embedded in your blog. Two type of badges you can create, one is HTML and the other one is Flash. Flash is nice because it has cool animation.

You'll go through a little bit some settings, but I leaved everything to default. Then copy the code (it doesn't matter if you don't understand the code) and paste into your blog. Done!

Share it with us and if you have better ways, tell us.

Friday, June 29

Copa America: Argentina Won!

Argentina 4:1 USA.

I watched it this morning (Malaysian time). Overall, it's a good game. Basile experimented the team and it worked nicely:







Scorers: Crespo (2), Aimar and Tevez

Substitutions: Aimar (Cambiasso), Tevez (Messi) and Gago (Veron)

Monetize Blog with AdSense

It's going to be a long journey. The blogosphere is really big adventure. I don't know how long and I don't know how far we would go. To go through this, I monetized our blog using Google's service called AdSense. With Blogger account, it's easy to setup.

Thursday, June 28

Blogger: Template

I chose TicTac Blue template, created by Dan Cederholm. Love the 'blue sea' color and the sidebar is clearly separated.

I've updated my profile, so you'll know a little bit of me.

Wednesday, June 27

Started My Blog!

Phew! Today I've created a blog called Blogdrift. Took me a day to come up with the name. Not sure whether it''ll stick. Hope it will. Not sure it means anything. Maybe you do.

Next, to choose the right template...