Monday, July 30

AdSense in Blogger's Post

If you're using new Blogger Layout, you're probably won't have much problem adding AdSense code using Page Element. You can either use AdSense or HTML/JavaScript Page Element, and in seconds, your AdSense will be displayed in your blog.

However, that's not the case if you try to put
AdSense code right into blog's post. The ad won't display. You will only see an invisible ad in your post!

OK. To make it work, what you've to do is to replace <, > and " characters:

  • Replace < with &lt;
  • Replace > with &gt;
  • Replace " with &quot;
Keep in mind that generally, modifying your AdSense code is against AdSense program policies. But in this case the changes are necessary. If you browse through your blog page using View Source, you may not find your AdSense code. That's why the ad didn't display. Hopefully, will do something about this.

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